Alina Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity: an essential guide for the whole branding team is currently in its third edition. It’s a wonder why I didn’t pick it up sooner, given how closely the topic resembles my own book. Anyway, I’ve been dipping in and out recently, and thought I’d give you a quick look inside.


“The tools have changed. The fundamentals have not. The questions are the same whether you’re on Facebook or in Shanghai: Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out?”


The book’s split into three parts:

  1. Basics
    “The difference between brand and brand identity, and what it takes to be the best.”
  2. Process
    “This section answers the question “Why does it take so long?” and addresses collaboration and decision making.”
  3. Best practices
    “These highly successful projects created by branding firms and design consultancies inspire and exemplify original, flexible, lasting solutions.”

There’s so much relevant info in this book, with most of it in blog post-sized chunks, that I’m surprised Alina hasn’t included more of it on her website, or indeed launched a blog of her own. A lot of the info details parts of the process that I hadn’t thought to include (in some cases hadn’t needed to) when working with clients — maybe because it’s targetted at branding teams, and not exclusively at self-employed designers like me. I think it’s useful for both, however, even if I found that the content’s layout made it difficult to stay focused on a specific train of thought — perhaps down to my reading preference more than anything.

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