Innovation. Creativity. Originality. These are the principles that Re:thunk is rooted from and abides by. With a small investment to start with and an immense amount of ambition to feed upon, Nathaniel and Chris Ancheta founded the firm in the year 2010. As a young company, Rethunk Design’s growth is propelled forward by the passionate energy of its expanding team. In 2011, Rethunk Design opened its first office in Los Angeles, CA and has since been executing projects for small companies from print and web campaings to building their brand identity.

With the every-growing Re:thunk Design brings strategic thinking, creative freedom, and impeccable attention to detail to every project.

We understand that to impact your business our brands must generate results that engage customers and drive sales. This is why we approach creative problem solving from both sides of the brain. Not only do we take into account your companies demographics but also psychographics to insure that what we create will indeed affect and motivate the particular audience you wish to target. We pride ourselves in making sure your ideas and concepts are best represented not only visually but interactively as well.

With a process that blends in-depth research, innovative strategic thinking, and creative freedom we create designs that last, and make consumers think and feel.

We do not create templates that you just plug in your name and play. There are no two projects that are the same, Only the results.

We are a Brand Development Agency. From business, event, and product branding our mission is simple: to find the essence of each project and create a design that is “uniquely re:thunk”. The sky is the limit.